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Economic and administrative
building management

We offer these services in the Economic and Administrative Administration areas

  • Preparation and provision of regulation and control of advance payments associated with the ownership and use of residential and non-residential units (management and control in electronic form), rent payments
  • Double-entry bookkeeping related to building administration – bookkeeping, accounting of submitted documents, bookkeeping of supplier invoices, keeping records of assets, submission of overviews of received advances from unit owners, tenants submitting statement of financial results, preparation of financial statements, routine accounting advice and explanation of the procedures used, submission of bills related to the operation and maintenance of the property in the form of a regular closing date and once a year the presentation of the balance sheet
  • Keeping a cash book
  • Preparation and execution of billing of advances paid by individual owners (tenants) within legal deadlines (will be processed in electronic form)
  • Settlement of overpayments and arrears from the bill of advance payments against individual members of the community (tenants) – the records will be kept in electronic form
  • Recovery of owed payments – keeping a list of debtors, sending and forwarding reminders, preparing payment orders and preparing documents for judicial or extrajudicial recovery
  • Keeping records of the costs of operation of the building (repairs and maintenance of common parts of the house, services related to operation and administration, insurance, etc.), control and payment of supplier invoices
  • Providing an information service for filing owners’ tax returns (in case the owner processes the tax return himself)
  • Processing of the tax return, its filing for the Community (owner). Collection of tax return documents relating to the managed house and land. These include, in particular, income tax, VAT, property tax on jointly owned parts of the house and land, including units known as garage parking spaces and cellars in the property
  • Timely submission of payment orders for the payment of taxes the owner of the property is obliged to pay
  • Maintaining current records of units and all their parameters needed for processing backup regulations, billing annual costs, etc.
  • Keeping up-to-date overview of billing payments, advances and other investment actions
  • Maintain and update informative bulletin boards located in common areas of the facility
  • Consultancy in the conclusion of service contracts (or their conclusion)
  • Participation in meetings of the Committee, the Audit Committee, or the Assembly of Owners, or at other meetings on the basis of a call from the Committee or the Audit Committee.
  • Support in the preparation of the assembly, checking the participants according to the records of owners, ensuring the preparation and processing of votes, ensuring the minutes of the meeting
  • Selection of all real estate related payments to a separate real estate bank account

Supporting Community Institutions

  • Processing and sending invitations to the constituent assembly.
  • Ensuring a notary and drawing up the statutes for the constituent assembly
  • Application for registration of the Community in the Commercial Register
  • Evidence of insured events, ensuring the elimination of insured events
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